Karndean Vinyl Flooring

Karndean vinyl flooring is a very popular option for residents in the Kittyhawk or Outer Banks area.

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Karndean Vinyl flooring is one of our most beautifully, installed type of vinyl flooring product. It brings to life the meaning of luxury in a second home or vacation property with the assurance that it will withstand more than four times the usual foot traffic in a home lasting many rental seasons. Karndean’s reputation is known for their beautiful graphics giving second homeowner’s and vacationers a sense of natural hardwood or stone appeal without the costly installation and maintenance!

Karndean Flooring in the Outer Banks

Aside from Karndean, A&B Carpet One located in Kittyhawk, NC recommends a vinyl product that is primarily installed as with glue. Because of the change in seasons, temperature fluctuation and moisture prevalent in the Outer Banks, it’s important to ensure that flooring installed is adaptable and flexible which is why Karndean makes a suitable yet durable option.



More specifically compared to other flooring options, Karndean luxury vinyl is hardy and resilient. Truly natural products like hardwood or alternatives that are exposed to frequent changes from moisture or temperature will expand, curl or shrink. Unlike stone and ceramic tile, vinyl won’t crack or chip. Damage to one vinyl plank enables customers to simply replace that one plank whereas with sheet vinyl or click together floors can be costly to replace.

Design Flooring

Karndean design flooring specializes in creating a unique grain appearance with the ability to lay the flooring at different angles and incorporate decorative borders and strips for a customized look. Clients have the ability to create their own, customized flooring specific to their taste and design through different grouting effects, too.

Family Friendly

All-in-all, our customers are looking for flooring that exceeds expectations in all areas which is another reason why Karndean flooring is an asset in any home. It is kid friendly, pet friendly, AND, above all, waterproof. This means it’s very easy to clean, maintain, and will last for years.