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Luxury Vinyl Plank

You can now have the best of both worlds with luxury vinyl plank flooring. Get the natural look of hardwood with the added benefits of luxury vinyl built in. Advances in digital printing technology have made luxury vinyl planks more realistic than ever. Natural hardwood is beautiful but its applications are limited, and require a lot more upkeep. This budget friendly alternative to hardwood flooring is here to stay. There are several benefits to owning and installing luxury vinyl in your home.

vinyl plank flooring

What Are the Benefits of Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Most luxury vinyl products can be installed on both existing subfloors and even existing floors, saving you time. You can choose from a more permanent installation with glue down planks, but there are other less permanent options. Floating luxury vinyl floors are becoming more popular because of their ease of installation, as well as the ability to remove them and use them in another room.

If you’re not looking to put a lot of effort into cleaning your floors, then luxury vinyl is a good option for you because it only requires a quick sweep and occasional mopping.

Best Flooring for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Luxury vinyl’s best advantage over hardwood is that they are water resistant and even waterproof. No longer do you have to worry about moisture causing damage to your floors. Now you can have wood looking floors throughout your home including the bathroom and laundry room. Luxury vinyl is also a good option for high traffic areas in your home because of their durability and solid construction.

The core and wear layer make up the durability of luxury vinyl. Compared to hardwood, luxury vinyl’s surface is much more scratch resistant. In addition to a durable wear layer, the core is made up of rigid materials, providing more stability overall than hardwood.

If you’d like to learn more about luxury vinyl plank flooring, visit A & B Carpet One Floor & Home in Kitty Hawk or Buxton. We serve the Outer Banks area.

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