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Wide Plank Hardwood

If you did not know already, hardwood flooring is a great option for coastal homes. Wide plank hardwood flooring is a beautiful option because it weathers over time, feels warm underfoot and is long lasting. Our engineered wide planks are ideal because they are less porous than solid wood planks, which mean they can adjust to changing humidity fairly well. A&B Carpet One Floor & Home has your supply of wide plank hardwoods for your coastal home.

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Wide Plank Characteristics

The width of the plank is what differentiates wide plank hardwood from any other hardwood plank. Wide plank hardwood is generally any board greater than 5” wide with popular styles ranging from 5” to 12” and wider. The width of the plank impacts the style of it. Wider planks usually mean longer boards. With a wide width and longer length, the planks draw the eye and make a room appear larger. If your design calls for a more farmhouse feel, choose mixed-width planks. If you’re going for a modern look, choose single-width floors and think about installing them diagonally. Wide plank hardwood requires less planks for installation, but should still be installed by a professional.

Humidity and hardwood do not get along well. This is especially true with wide plank hardwood because of its sheer width and length of boards. Before choosing hardwood for your home, you should know where you want it installed and if your home is well suited for hardwood. It’s also essential to think about unfinished versus prefinished wide plank hardwood and stain. Wide plank flooring can be a big investment, but it is sure to bring joy and charm to your home.

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