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Happy Floors Porcelain Tile & Flooring

Happy Floors Porcelain Tile


Are you invested in finding the best flooring options? Maybe you’re looking for a durable floor for your vacation rental property but you want the looks of hardwood flooring. Don’t underestimate the value and benefits of porcelain tile.


For 25 years, Happy Floors has been providing best choice options for porcelain tile. Over 90% of tiles are imported from Italy, with the other 10 percent coming from Spain.

We serve the Outer Banks area.

Why Is Tile Worth It?


Porcelain Tile Benefits

Let’s face it, in the Outer Banks we’re working with a unique, three season environment where the temperature and humidity fluctuates year-round. Whether you’re a second homeowner needing a clean and durable look or are renting property to a handful of people each week, you need flooring that is reliable, beautiful, and cost effective in the long run.

Long Life Cycle



Porcelain tile is one of the most durable options that can withstand high-traffic and everyday wear for longer periods of time compared to ceramic tile or other hard surface flooring options. Porcelain tile embellishes a very tough surface making it difficult to wear down and is much less susceptible to stain and moisture damage than other types of flooring.


Low Maintenance



Due to porcelain tile’s incredible hard surface, it also translates into a low maintenance flooring option AND is hypoallergenic. Rest assured, visiting family members or renters will comfortable and free from pollen or pet allergens. Mold, insects, parasites, germs or bacteria cannot call home to tile which makes it much easier to clean which is essential to rental property management upkeep.




Offering an array of style and design options, porcelain tile can be used in many applications that mimic natural stone and wood. Tile also pulls inspiration from unique materials like leather, fabrics, and even animal prints.




Citrus Ocean Polished OR Natural Tile Flooring                                 Tangier Oceano Mosaic with Citrus Blossom Tile Flooring



Tile Patterns



With over 100 different installation schemes and 60 different types of tiles available, there are many distinct colors and styles available.


Green Flooring


Happy Floors products also come in several eco-friendly selections to help promote a more earth-friendly environment and healthier living spaces.




  Northwind Melange

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