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Bathroom with marble look tile flooring and freestanding bathtub

Tile Flooring in North Carolina

Tile flooring allows you to let out your creativity and create a custom design. Whether you're looking to remodel your beach home or update your rental property, look no further than A & B Carpet One Floor & Home in Kitty Hawk and Buxton, North Carolina. We have an extensive range of tile options to bring your creative ideas to life and elevate the aesthetics of your home. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to guiding you through the process, whether you have your sights set on a tile floor installation, a captivating wall design, or an outdoor masterpiece. Customize your home with tile that reflects your unique style and personality. Keep reading to learn more about tile flooring, including our various tile floor solutions, which grout to use, and what to expect during your tile install.


Types of Tile Options in Kitty Hawk & Buxton, NC

At our stores in Kitty Hawk and Buxton, you'll encounter an array of tile possibilities, including ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone. Each of these tile types boasts distinctive characteristics and advantages that contribute to the overall appeal of your design.


Ceramic Tiles 

Porcelain Tiles

Natural Stone Tiles 


Wood-Look Tile at A & B Carpet One

Combining hardwood's timeless appeal with modern practicality, wood-look tiles offer the perfect solution, blending elegance with durability. Read our article on Wood-Look Tile to learn more.



Kitchen & Bath Tile for Your Kitty Hawk & Buxton Home

If your vision encompasses the inclusion of tile in your kitchen or bathroom, A & B Carpet One Floor & Home is the destination you've been searching for. Read our article on backsplash tile to learn more.



The Different Types of Tiling Grout in NC

Grout, the material used to fill the spaces between your tiles, is as critical as the tiles themselves. Selecting the right type of grout ensures the longevity and appearance of your tile installation. Let's explore the various types:



Where Can Tile be Installed?

The waterproof qualities of tiles make them perfect for moisture-prone areas like backsplashes and custom showers. With tile, your imagination knows no bounds, and you can allow your creative vision to stand out not only on your floors but also on your walls and even outside your home. 


You can unleash your creativity in various parts of your home, including


Tile Flooring Installation in the Outer Banks

We understand that choosing the perfect tile is a crucial step in your journey toward transforming your living space. Rest assured that our team of professionals is at your service to provide expert guidance, ensuring that you select the right tile for your project. Here’s a general breakdown of what to expect with your tile installation.


Your Tile Flooring: What to Expect from Beginning to End

  1. Initial Assessment: Our professionals evaluate your space's specific requirements to determine the most suitable tile.
  2. Tile Selection: Your tile choice is based on factors like room purpose, aesthetics, and practicality for the best outcome.
  3. Preparation: Our contractors inspect the area to be sure it is level, dry, and clean. 
  4. Layout & Design: Our installers meticulously lay out the tile, ensuring a symmetrical arrangement based on your vision.
  5. Tile Installation: Your tile is placed, adhered to, and secured to the area of installation.
  6. Grout Application: Grout is applied to secure the tiles and add to the overall aesthetics.
  7. Finishing Touches: Refinements and adjustments are made for a flawless finish.
  8. Clean-Up: Our professionals perform a thorough post-installation cleaning to ensure a clean space is ready for use.
  9. Final Inspection: A final check ensures all aspects meet your expectations.
  10. Beautiful Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with your tile installation, we will replace it for free.


FAQs About Tile in Kitty Hawk and Buxton, NC

Q. How long does a tile flooring installation typically take?

A. The duration of your tile installation is based on the project's size and complexity.


Q. Is tile installation a messy process?

A. Tile installations tend to generate dust and debris, particularly when existing tile is being replaced.


Q. Do you offer professional installation services for other types of flooring?

A. Yes! We offer professional installation services for most of the flooring options available in our stores. Plus, we offer warranties on our products when professionally installed for added peace of mind and quality assurance.



Q. How do I care for my tile floors?

A. Care and maintenance is simple with tile! Occasional sweeping and mopping to clean dirt and debris is usually sufficient. Read our Tile Floor Care Guide to learn more.


Shop for Tile Flooring Near You in North Carolina

Elevate your home's aesthetics with top-quality tile flooring in the greater Kitty Hawk and Buxton regions. Trust our experts for professional tile installations and design guidance. Whether you're envisioning a stunning new floor, an elegant wall design, or an outdoor masterpiece, we're here to guide you through the process, ensuring your vision comes to life. Turn your tile flooring dreams into a reality today. Visit one of our local showrooms located at 3934 North Croatan Highway, Kitty Hawk, NC, and 47129 Highway 12 North, Buxton, NC to explore our latest tile flooring selection

The Different Tile Flooring Types

Not sure which type of tile flooring you should choose? Check out this guide for a closer look at ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile.
Living room with Woven Drawer Console Table Black and marble look tile flooring

Questions to Ask Your Flooring Expert

Ready to get started on your flooring project? Keep these questions to keep in mind when meeting our sales team.
Bedroom with wood look tile flooring
Kitchen with gray tile flooring and white cabinets

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Find the best tile flooring in the Outer Banks area. Shop for ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile.

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